Top 10 quick knitting and crochet projects to be completed on a day

Do you also like to work on projects that are finished on the same day? do you need to knit or crochet a gift for a friend or loved one and don’t have much time?

Below is a list of my 10 top quick projects which can be completed each on one day.

Do you have any […]

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Christmas is coming

Christmas is around the corner and it is time to get into making a few decorations.

This year however, I am going to branch out and, instead of just making decorations for the Christmas tree as I have done in previous years, since I have two sons and a couple of nephews, I am going […]

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Baby love: Looking for the perfect project

It is that time of the year, or that time in our lives when it seems like everyone is having babies. I love it as I love making little cute things for them. I find that nothing else can mean more than something made with your own hands and with all the love you put on […]

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