Top 10 quick knitting and crochet projects to be completed on a day

Do you also like to work on projects that are finished on the same day? do you need to knit or crochet a gift for a friend or loved one and don’t have much time?

Below is a list of my 10 top quick projects which can be completed each on one day.

Do you have any […]

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Christmas is coming

Christmas is around the corner and it is time to get into making a few decorations.

This year however, I am going to branch out and, instead of just making decorations for the Christmas tree as I have done in previous years, since I have two sons and a couple of nephews, I am going […]

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Baby love: Looking for the perfect project

It is that time of the year, or that time in our lives when it seems like everyone is having babies. I love it as I love making little cute things for them. I find that nothing else can mean more than something made with your own hands and with all the love you put on […]

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Creating the perfect craft and creative space.

We all know that organisation is everything! and although I am not always able to have everything ultra organised around the house in the way that I would like to (I have a 2 year old boy!), I am always thinking about putting some time aside to re-organise my yarns, tools and fabrics and […]

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A New Stitch a Day!

I find delightful the fact that the terms ‘how to knit’ and ‘how to crochet’ keep raking right at the top of searches on the internet year on year. It comes to show that people are still interested in learning the ‘old craft’ and that there has been a nice revival in the last years which is […]

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A wonderfully inspirational space in the heart of Madrid

Every now and then I come across one of those spaces I wish I had near home. I would then spend countless hours in it, enjoying different crafts, experimenting with new techniques, meeting new people and what I love the most, getting inspiration for my next projects.

One such place is BLACK OVEJA, located in downtown Madrid. Black […]

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