We all know that organisation is everything! and although I am not always able to have everything ultra organised around the house in the way that I would like to (I have a 2 year old boy!), I am always thinking about putting some time aside to re-organise my yarns, tools and fabrics and come up with the perfect space to foster creativity! I think that finally that moment has arrived!

I wanted to find really cool, practical and most of all, pretty ways to get things organised and displayed in a way that inspired me for future projects.

With that in mind, I dived into Pinterest and other sources and came up with a series of images from which I will pick ideas here and there to create my very own personal crafty and creative corner.

I hope you also find inspiration in these.
needles organised
fabrics in drawers

yarn on pegs



To organise all my knitting and crochet tools and accessories I have decided to get a couple of these wonderful sturdy bags that not only are practical, they are also cute.

Knitting needles organiser

Knitting needles organiser Jolie tricot


Finally, to get all my crochet hooks in the one place I crocheted this handy and neat bag. You can find the pattern for free here.

crochet hooks organiser